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 Business Immigration 
Business Immigration can encompass many areas, from temporary migrant worker visas, to investor visas, H1-B professional workers, to offers of Permanent employment with the promise of green card sponsorship.  
 Non-Immigrant Visas 
From B1/B2 Visitor visas, F1 Student Visas, M Visas, Exchange Visas and many more these can be good options for those looking to come to the United States for a short time with the option of returning to home country. 
 Citizenship Application 
In most cases, an applicant must first be a legal permanent resident to qualify for United States citizenship. The N-400 application may be filed by an applicant who has been a legal permanent resident for at least 5 year 
 Immigration Court 
Removal and deportation proceedings in court can seem very daunting.  Whether it means applying for asylum, cancellation of removal or other type of relief having a strong advocate is important. 
 Family Based Immigration 
A United States citizen has several options for petitioning when using the I-130 application.Citizens can petition their children regardless of age or marital status. The waiting period will depend upon the age, marital status and country of origin.
 Political Asylum 
Fear of returning to your home country is something no person should have to face. Fortunately the Immigration laws allow anyone with fear to apply and seek safety in the United States. .
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